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The Christian Forum Podcast – Bonus Episode – Jim Lindner on the Faith and Skepticism Podcast

This week we are bringing you an extra! Instead of our usual format, Jim Lindner goes on the Faith and Skepticism podcast as a guest. You can view their website here. I would also encourage you to head over to their website and be a part of this discussion on Genesis.

Enjoy the podcast and thanks to Faith and Skepticism for letting us share it here!

The Christian Forum Podcast – Episode 008 – Christians and the Environment – Part 4

For the next few weeks, The Christian Forum will be tackling the topic of Christians and the Environment. On this week’s panel are, Jim Lindner, Ben Stuart, Karen Wright, Dave Bayless.

Show Notes:

1. Money, Greed and God (youtube video):

2. Word of Life Quiet Time Diary:

3. Dave Ramsey’s presentation:

Go to this website and look for this podcast:
The Great Recovery